Monday, September 12, 2005

Monday morning wake-up call

Here I am, sitting at the computer at 7:30 in the a.m., with one cat sitting next to my mouse and four others waiting to be fed, typing into this blog. Yesterday, Sunday, was spent in the pool, so today we are tired. Being retired, there is no agenda. There are no deadlines to keep, there is no urgency to getting up and getting dressed. We will have leisurely cups of tea/coffee, go out onto the back deck, look at the yard and maybe decide whether today's a good day to mow. There are no appointments today, so we must decide whether there's a chore to be done or some place to go. It might sound boring, but after a lifetime of rush, rush, rush, it feels a bit like heaven. Our friends who are also retired also go through this state of ennui in the beginning, but eventually settle into some sort of routine. I have a doctor's appointment in Nashville on the 15th. He will evaluate my knees to see if I am a candidate for joint replacement. I'm a lot scared to go under the knife, but the alternative is eventually being wheelchair-bound, a prospect I'm not willing to settle for. I do not intend to become like my mother who spent the last years of her life being a prisoner of her home, sitting in a wheelchair. We have been exercising almost every day in the pool in an attempt to strenghten our muscles and lose some weight. If I have the surgery, I will be able to continue my rehabilitation in the pool. We must also drive to Murray to pick up my van at our daughter's. She has been driving it for the past month or so since their vehicle was in the shop being repaired. I must take my van to the transmission place in Paducah for a checkup. Well, time to get a cup of tea and open these eyes to the world. Maybe I'll go swimming today or mow the lawn. How decadent is that? Bye for now.


At September 13, 2005 6:57 AM, Blogger Alipurr said...

Alright, Mother Kitty, here is your beautiful comment. Love your blog. Hope you keep writing every day. You will be in my thoughts and prayers for Thursday. I am glad you are enjoying your pool


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