Sunday, October 02, 2005

Tiny steps

Husband and I spent the day yesterday with Darling Daughter, Little Dancer Girl, and Head Banger Little Sister. Had a day full of activities planned and we ended up at an unusual birthday party for one of Little Dancer Girl's friends. (At the beginning of our busy day, Little Dancer Girl announced that she would be coming to our house for a sleepover, which surprised everyone including her mother. We suspected her father put her up to it, but who's arguing? How very brave of her.)

We concluded our afternoon by attending the birthday party. Approximately 30 kids were there, including lots of infants and toddlers. It was a regular family affair with parents and grandparents attending. The theme was a princess party and all the older kids dressed up like princesses. The place was decorated with princess decorations: There was a princess castle complete with dancing bubbles (in front of which all the little kids got their picture taken), a princess movie on the big-screen TV, a princess birthday cake, princess presents, princess party favors, a princess pinata, and finally, two beautiful princesses (college students) who read a princess story to the birthday girl and her princess friends. They stayed to help open presents and to eat cake and ice cream. There were games, activities, action, drama, music, lots of noise, and, quite frankly, I was exhausted by the time we got out of there. The kids really enjoyed it, though. I met several very nice ladies, one of whom took a special interest in me just because during our discussion of our lives, she discovered I was Jewish. The other lady asked if I was from Chicago (because of my accent) and we proceded to discuss Chicago-style restaurants in the immediate area. She said we absolutely must go to Aces in Mayfield, Kentucky for Chicago-style pizza. We finally left the party after more than two hours and headed to Darling Daughter's house to change clothes, pack bags, say goodbye to Hairy Daddy, and finally get on the road.

The drive home proved interesting and challenging. I had to endure a lot of "I miss my mommy, daddy, and baby sister so much," "are we there yet?" and "why is it taking so long?" Little Dancer Girl and I talked and sang songs. She insisted that I sing a particular song because she was the "leader of the band." Who can argue with that logic? We made an unscheduled stop on the side of the road after Little Dancer Girl unexpectedly flipped the door handle which caused the door to become jarred open. Scared the bejeebers out of me and I was trying to control myself from screaming at her. But, we calmly talked about it and no one (me) got upset and cried. On the last leg of our journey, Little Dancer Girl announced that we had to stop at the store on the way home to pick up a few things -- sour cream for the loaded baked potatoes we were going to make for supper, brownie mix, and M&M cookie dough. So, off to the store we went with mental menus planned for the next three days. At the store, Little Dancer Girl got a child's grocery cart and proceded to lead us through the store as we filled her cart with our purchases. She was very grown-up (we had to make sure she didn't run over anyone) and looked very pleased with herself as we made our way to the check-out counter.

After we got home, we called Darling Daughter to announce our safe arrival. She told her mother that she was going to sleep by herself which surprised everyone because she usually sleeps with me. Following dinner and several hands of Go Fish and War, we all decided to head to bed. It was only 9 p.m., but that was okay because we were exhausted.

Little Dancer Girl's tiny steps of independence turned into "Grandma, I changed my mind. I want to sleep with you." So, Little Dancer Girl and I arranged ourselves in the queen-size bed. She quickly fell asleep lying next to me in the middle of the bed. I found it amazing how one little 40-pound girl could occupy an entire bed during the night. I found myself sleeping on the edge while Little Dancer Girl tossed and turned every which way during the night. I also found it was like sleeping with a small blast furnace.

We are amazed at Little Dancer Girl's growth, and not just in height. She asked that Grandpa measure her against the door frame (mom, she grew another half inch). She is articulate, smart, funny, asked just the right incisive questions, understands everything we say to her, and always wants to be the "leader of the band." Gee, I wonder where she gets this from? She is no longer a baby or a toddler. She is growing up before our eyes much too fast. Before long, her tiny steps of independence will turn into giant leaps and there will be no way to stop her or prevent her and her sister from growing up.

So, we are just here to enjoy her and Head Banger Little Sister while we can and love them just as much as we can before they decide their grandparents are just a couple of old fogies who must take tiny steps just to stay vertical and aren't much fun anymore.


At October 02, 2005 4:19 PM, Blogger Alipurr said...

glad you guys are having a good visit. see you on tuesday


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