Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Peace On Earth, Good Will Towards Men (and women and children)

Today was one of those hectic days. You know the kind. Up early, hurry to get dressed and out the door, appointments, drive down the road, mind on a hundred different tasks. The weather is glorious for November 9 and you drive along awed by the beauty of the world around you. As you go about your errands, you are reminded -- way before Thanksgiving -- that Christmas is just around the corner. All the stores are decorated already and have set up special sale displays in hopes of making you shop early this season. In fact, most of my shopping is done and my mind is on Thanksgiving which is a short two weeks away. The weather is balmy today and there are many shoppers out in short sleeves and shorts. You feel so good that you take Husband out to lunch and think nothing of spending $40.00 on food (including tip). All's right in our world today as we eat heartily (and without guilt).

Peace on earth was the farthest thing from my thoughts today. I felt pretty calm and peaceful all day. In fact, what was going on in the world was inconsequential as I went about my daily chores. When I arrived home, however, I learned that three American hotels in Amman, Jordan, were targets of suicide bombers today. More than 60 innocent people died and more than 150 were injured. Al Qaeda was to blame, so they say.

Talk about ruining my day. Everyone should have nice days such as the one Husband and I just had. How could a few be so inconsiderate to those of us out enjoying ourselves on a peaceful day.

But then I think the most ridiculous thought! While some of us in the Western (civilized?) World enjoy our luxurious (by the world's standards) lifestyle, the majority of the Third World and other poor, deprived people around the globe live in squalor, filth, and poverty we will never comprehend. They are the most vulnerable for all the terrible diseases rampant in their part of the world, they are the first chosen to be victims of coups, cruel torture, death at the hands of others, and vicious domination (female circumcision, multiple partners resulting in numerous births and HIV/AIDS, stonings, beatings, and burkas). My stomach turns as I think of man's inhumanity towards man going on in this age of enlightenment.

The Law handed to Moses on Mount Sinai said we should love thy neighbor as thyself, regardless of race, creed, religious bent, country of origin, color of skin, last name, first name, dress, language, disabilities, mannerisms, or sexual orientation. It is difficult to love those neighbors, however, who are bent on annihilating everyone who isn't Muslim and part of Jihad. It is difficult to love those neighbors, however, who take pleasure in beheading, pirating, killing, torturing, and destroying people who don't adhere to their philosophy. It is difficult to love those neighbors, however, who accept blood money for their sons' and daughters' sacrifices of being suicide bombers all in the name of religion. It is difficult to love those neighbors, however, who don't love their neighbors as much as they love power, money, and domination over other creatures of this earth.

I am having a problem loving my neighbor who loves to cause death and destruction. I am having a problem living in the lap of luxury while thousands of our neighbors' children die unnecessarily every day of the week of preventable causes, such as lack of clean water, adequate food and shelter, and proper medicine. I am having a problem with heads of state who prefer to make a profit for themselves and their close personal friends to the detriment of the rest of us.

I have only one wish for all of us during this period of Thanksgiving, or giving of thanks. I wish for Peace On Earth, Good Will Towards Men (and women and children). And, try to love thy neighbor as thyself. I'm having a hard time but I promise to work harder at accomplishing this. By the way, I love you.


At November 10, 2005 3:00 AM, Blogger Tomas Dennis said...

Ya got it,

At November 10, 2005 7:07 AM, Blogger Alipurr said...

me too....very difficult to love those who love destruction. I love you too


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