Thursday, December 15, 2005

My heart is filled with joy

A Country Home

I awoke this morning, coughing again, but with joy in my heart. All is right in my world. It may be grey, dismal, threatening rain, and cold outside, but here in our cozy house there is security and a sense of comfort.

I guess this time of year makes me more aware of a yearning to be with family and friends. I am eagerly waiting for Christmas to get here. I love receiving Christmas greetings from friends and family that I may not have heard from in a long time. I am also looking forward to little Dancer Girl's first Christmas program at her church this Sunday. She is so excited about performing and being in costume for the event. I look forward to opening presents with the family and sitting down to share a wonderful meal together. I hope they get as much pleasure from receiving their gifts from Santa as Santa had in getting them.

I love looking at all the Christmas decorations around town. I love driving by people's homes and seeing their Christmas trees looking splendid with their lights and ornaments. Downtown is also resplendent with red bows, lights, and displays. People on the street and in the stores are wishing everyone else a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. What a great time of year.

I guess my favorite part of Christmas is cooking for my family. I love to cook and am always eager to try something new and different. My guests apparently love to eat my cooking which makes me feel good. I think my sister and I inherited the cooking gene from my mother because both of us like to cook and we like to have company over. It's also a good excuse to clean our houses. When we were small and still living at home, my mother always had friends and family over for meals. When we were in our teens, our friends liked coming to our house because we were free to cook anything we wanted.

Because I am in such a good mood this morning and feel energetic, I think I will clean my kitchen and cook something special for lunch today. I actually was able to go to the store and shop for groceries yesterday afternoon. So, with cupboards and fridge stocked, and with recipe in hand, I'm off to put together a little treat for husband and myself.

To all my blogpals, I hope you have joy in your hearts today and look forward to doing something that will bring you pleasure.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could feel this way all the time?


At December 15, 2005 10:35 AM, Blogger Tomas Dennis said...

Some thing smells grand in our home this morning.
Just the other day Mother Kitty made some of her “Famous Pumpkin Bread”
I had some for breakfast lunch and dinner.
What a treat.


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