Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Mystery plant

Husband and I are in the process of planting (over a period of time) an area in front of our porch with perennials. It has become a hassle planting annuals every spring and then having to go through the process every year. So, we decided we would only buy perennials from now on. Most of the plants have survived. Some we planted in inappropriate places and will have to either transplant or get new plants -- case in point our Foxgloves which we discovered liked partial shade rather than full sun.

This morning, as I went out to get the mail, I noticed that our "mystery" plant had flowered. I KNOW that husband planted Freesia bulbs which never came up, so we are mystified by what this plant is. So, we are leaving it up to our garden-savvy blogpals to help solve the mystery. I publish for your edification several pictures of this mysterious plant.

The flowers on this plant seem to bloom at night and fold up during the daylight. By the time I looked at the plant around 11 a.m. today, all the blooms were tightly rolled up.

The first one who can correctly identify it will get our unbridled thanks.


At July 25, 2006 7:40 PM, Blogger Sue said...

I can only identify the most common things and sometimes not even those!
I'm with you on the perennials. We are trying to plant as many of those as we can...
(The flower is lovely whatever it is!)

At July 26, 2006 7:05 AM, Blogger Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I don't know what your mystery plant is, but it's a pretty little thing. You have several blog readers who know their flowers, so I will leave the naming to the experts.

I am in full agreement with you about buying only perennials. Although some of the annuals are coming back because of our milder winters. The kids buy me hanging baskets of annuals and I have one that has returned now for it's 3rd year.

But personally, I only want to plant it once and then sit back & watch mother nature at work.

At July 26, 2006 9:23 AM, Blogger MrsGreenThumb said...

It's some kind of melon, probably someone spit some watermelon seeds when they ate it. Or it could be squash. I'm betting on watermelon. Let me know.

At July 26, 2006 10:08 PM, Blogger TUFFENUF said...

That looks like a watermelon to me! You will know soon enough if it is!!! YUM!

At July 27, 2006 10:42 AM, Blogger Rachel said...

It's pretty anyway!

At July 27, 2006 10:50 PM, Blogger Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I thought the flower for a watermelon was yellow, but maybe different varieties have different colored flowers. The leaves do resemble a watermelon now that MrsGreenThumb has named the possibility of a melon.

Does the plant have hairs on the stems or what appear to be little hairs?


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