Thursday, March 09, 2006

A Memorable Wedding

Darling Daughter and Long Hair Daddy
March 9, 1996

Happy 10th Anniversary, daughter and son-in-law. It's difficult to imagine that ten years have passed since that fateful date. It was a wonderful occasion and you two have brought us much joy over the years.

For me, it was the wedding I never had. It was a wedding I imagined all my life, one that was filled with many flowers, a beautiful dress, beautiful music, a church filled with loved ones from all over the country, friends to share your joy with, and a wedding party to end all wedding parties. The seven-tiered cake decorated with real flowers was spectacular and the reception was lovely. You were a gorgeous bride, and other than almost setting yourself on fire when trying to blow out a candle by bringing it under your veil, the ceremony went off without a hitch. It was also the only time I ever saw your father cry openly in public. Everyone enjoyed themselves and they were so happy to share this moment with you two. We even had an unexpected visitor that made the occasion extra special.

From the day you and hubby-to-be announced in the local pizza parlor that you two were engaged to be married, you have continued to surprise us. Since 1996, you have purchased a home, had two beautiful daughters, started your own business, had your ups and downs, and remain as much in love now as you were then. So, I congratulate you on making your marriage a success and for accomplishing much over the past ten years.

We are looking forward to helping you celebrate Little Sister's second birthday next week. Dancer Girl will celebrate her fifth birthday in August and she will move into her schoolgirl phase. As grandparents, we couldn't be happier or more proud of these girls.

Happy Anniversary to you both. We send you our love and will remember your wedding day always with much joy and happiness.

P.S. I know you really didn't want a big, formal wedding, but wasn't it fun after all? You have such nice pictures to remember it by.


At March 09, 2006 11:18 AM, Blogger Abandoned in Pasadena said... were so excited about posting this joyous event that you posted it twice.
Maybe a blogger blooper.

First of all I want to wish Darling Daughter & Long Haired Daddy a Happy Anniversary and hope that Long Haired Daddy has gotten over his recent illness and that they are planning a special evening together.

As I was reading your post, Motherkitty...I couldn't help but remember that wonderful day which was attended by numerous friends & relatives and 7 bloggers...the 8th blogger could not attend.

I was *COL* as I read this post...and you know what? Darling Daughter is as pretty today, as she has ever been.

At March 09, 2006 12:28 PM, Blogger susan said...

Sounds like congrats are in order for the mother of the bride, I can read between the lines as to who pulled this event together and made it come off so successfully. So congratulations to motherkitty for a job well done!

At March 09, 2006 3:00 PM, Blogger jellyhead said...

Motherkitty, this is a wonderful post - your pride and joy comes through clear as a bell.

Happy 10 year anniversary Alipurr and Long Haired Daddy!!

At March 09, 2006 3:08 PM, Blogger Gil said...

Wow! Can't believe it has already been ten years. The time does fly by. Congrats are in order, for both the bride & groom and the proud parents.

At March 09, 2006 4:17 PM, Blogger Alipurr said...

Thanks, Mom, for such a sweet post. I was finally able to get through to Blogger and open your post. I haven't been able to read or post anything for several days. We are a very happy family and are very thankful and proud to have such loving and supportive parents living close by. I was looking through the wedding photos that Mrs. Gardener took (we thank you so much, did a beautiful job), and having fond memories. Unfortunately, hubby is still sick but we are planning a quiet family dinner at home to celebrate. I thank God that we made it this far. So far, so good

At March 09, 2006 6:00 PM, Blogger Tomas Dennis said...

(Desert Gardener posted here) was the photographer at the wedding and this photo is only a sample of her work. Thanks Kitten Yarn

At March 09, 2006 6:47 PM, Blogger Sue said...

Hi Motherkitty,
I blog hopped here via Kerri's site. What a lovely daughter you have and I can only imagine how gorgeous the wedding was!
Our daughter also had a huge wedding, so I can appreciate all your work that went into making a special day for the happy couple. Our daugher will be married fifteen years this July.
I'll be back to visit you again!

At March 09, 2006 9:21 PM, Blogger The Four Bears in the Woods said...

What a beautiful picture. Wish we could have been there to share this happy occassion. And you can tell that Motherkitty is so proud.

Happy Anniversary to daughter and hubby and wishes for many more to come.

Thank you Mother Kitty for the nice comment you left on my blog and for visiting. Sorry I can't get Papa Bear started on the blog. He says soon...... So just keep visiting and maybe some day SOON he will do his thing. *VBS* Mama Bear

At March 09, 2006 10:51 PM, Blogger Trish Milburn said...

Wow, 10 years. My how time flies. Happy Anniversary!

At March 10, 2006 8:29 AM, Blogger Franny said...

A wedding is always better when you have lots of family and friends to share it with. There's nothing wrong with declaring how you feel in front of your community! So happy anniversary you love bugs!
On a more melancholy note, I wish my mom was as proud of me and my accomplishments. I don't think I've ever gotten a spontaneous "great job" in my whole life. *sniffle sniffle*

At March 10, 2006 11:24 AM, Blogger bornfool said...

Beautiful picture, beautiful couple. I stopped by and wished Alipurr a happy anniversary.

At March 10, 2006 12:20 PM, Blogger Rachel said...

Lovely daughter and SIL! Congratulations to them on their 10th!

At March 10, 2006 8:10 PM, Blogger manababies said...

What a beautiful photo! I can tell that it was a grand event. Definitely one to remember. I can't help but notice how happy you are in this post. So sweet!

At March 10, 2006 8:42 PM, Blogger Muum said...

thanks for swinging by my blog, I am just a beginner, with my daughters helping me out as needed! I'll stop by yours again!

At March 10, 2006 9:11 PM, Blogger somershade said...

We had an awesome time and lots of fun and thanks for all you did for us at the wedding. Just can't believe it's been 10 years.She is so beautful I know you are so proud of her. never stop telling her.Franny's right,we need to hear those words.
Love you guys

At March 13, 2006 3:50 PM, Blogger Kerri said...

What a wonderful picture or the happy couple. Your daughter looks radiant in her gorgeous gown. You are certainly justified in being a proud mum and it's good to state that fact. Everyone appreciates a little praise!
Happy anniversary to your daughter and hubby.


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