Friday, February 13, 2009

You Are Loved!

I am sending this little bit of love to all my friends and especially my family on this very special Valentine's Day. Since I'm suffering from a nasty cold and bronchitis, and I don't want you to get sick from contact with me, I'm sending a virtual hug to those I love -- and you K.N.O.W. who you are.

Here it is Friday the 13th and true to form several things have gone wrong for me today. What has gone right, however, is this little bit of heaven and mood elevator from darling daughter Alipurr which arrived today. It came just in time to make me feel especially loved. Husband has been plying me with chocolates all week (I let him have some too for being so nice to me) and doing double-duty trying to make me healthy, but this was a super surprise that arrived late this afternoon.

Thank you daughter for being so sweet, thoughtful, and loving. I feel better already. Thanks to my sweet grandchildren for calling to see if I was getting better and thanks for the sloppy kisses last Thursday. Thanks also to Natasha for the lovely letter in which she professed her love for me and wished me a Happy Valentine's Day. Thanks to my sister, the desert gardener, who has been faithfully checking up on me every day (sometimes several times a day). Thanks to Susie for your kind words of encouragement. Thanks to Sandy, especially for three nice phone calls in one day -- hope you and Jimmy have a loving day tomorrow spent doing something nice for each other. Thanks to my son and daughter-in-law for keeping in touch and always having nice things to say. Thanks to my personal physician for the prescriptions and the two nice shots in both hips (ouch). I'm really feeling better already.

And finally, thanks to my wonderful husband for being so patient with me all week. I don't want to make you sick by kissing you on the lips so this will have to do instead.

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Monday, February 09, 2009

Kittenyarn Guest Post

that's right, folks....back in December we snuck into Motherkitty's house, posed her mugs and fruit and then had some breakfast, and then we blogged about it :)


Wednesday, February 04, 2009

And Motherkitty said,

"Guess what? The electricity is back on."

And so the kids and I screamed Yay!!!! for about 5 minutes, we were so happy.

Thank you, God for taking care of my parents and keeping them safe, and getting their electricity back on.

I love you mom and dad

see you tomorrow,

(and yes, mom, that is the closest you will ever see me do any cheerleading)

Monday, February 02, 2009

Family Ice Storm Update

This is Motherkitty's daughter, Kittenyarn. I was able to talk to Mom and Dad on the phone and they are ok, even though they still have no electricity. They have a gas water heater, so they can take a shower. They have a gas stove, so they can use the burners to heat the house in the daytime, and also to cook.

They have been helping neighbors with food and letting them sleep over at their house. My mom has gone back to work on some days. They have a grocery store open so they can get some food/supplies.It is still pretty bad though.

Most of the people in their town and county remain without electricity. For most of last week, they also had no water. The water is back on, though, so that is good.Here where I am, my electricity was off from Wednesday morning til Friday afternoon, if I remember correctly. Everyone is doing ok, and my dad just wanted me to post an update. Please direct any questions to Kittenyarn's comment section.....thanks for your support and prayers for my family and the people affected by this storm