Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Dirty-minded folks

I know, yeah, I really know! I have not been posting at all lately. As I said in my last post about a month ago, my poor mind is blank. I cannot think of anything interesting to blog about and everything seems so mundane -- nothing to write home about.

That is, until just now.

I have been noticing lately, when I check my sitemeter, an increase in the number of hits I have been receiving every day. When I checked my entry pages, I found that most of the hits were looking for an image. Stupid me. I thought they were looking at this. What they were really looking for was THIS.

I was getting paranoid that my personal image was traveling around the Internet (I guess in a way it was) or that people found me really interesting and wanted to know more about me. What they really were looking for was a bunch of half-nekkid, hunky guys. What perverts! That's the last time I'll show anybody a Maxine cartoon containing a picture of hunky guys! I guess I also should watch my language or I'll really get some weirdos hitting on me.

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